Monday, February 9, 2009

School Milk

Sanyi came in the class near the time for tiz-orai (snack time in the morning). He was telling the kids something about milk, so I just thought that they would be be given milk with their snack. He then told me to follow him and showed me where boxes of milk had been divided for each of the classes. I brought it into the class. The kids went out 5 minutes later, but came back with hot tea. I was very confused.

Ili later clarified that the government or some official organization gives the children milk. I had never seen this happen before so I am not too sure if this is new or what. I do admit it is an interesting concept, but, if it only happens once in a while I must say it is not going to be very effective.

It even says school milk (iskolatej) on it!

My fairy skirt is slowly taking shape. I do need to get some more material so I think I am going to go into Nyiregyhaza VERY early. It is kind of scary that I need to travel almost two hours to get this stuff. Oh well, nothing else to do!

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