Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bruises, Bingo and Hippos

Another Eger weekend has come and gone and what an eventful few days it was.

Arriving in Heves on Friday night so we were much closer to Eger, and to spend time at Briggi's flat, I was able to wind down from the week. Friday was a fun night. It was relaxing time and we were able to watch Kontroll, an interesting view about the Control on the Metro in Budapest.

Waking up early in order to make it into Eger before the others arrived, we were able to score some coffee and do some browsing in the mall.

At the coffee place, waiting for the others

We met up with the rest and started our day exploring the beautiful city.

We made it to the top of the Minaret, to the castle and then to an awesome restaurant for lunch. All in all it was an great day.

Park on the castle grounds

Me leaning over the edge of the wall...probably not very smart.

Me in the stocks because everyone else was too cool to stand up there with me!

Then came to trip down to the szepasszonyvolgy (valley of the beautiful women aka the valley of the wine cellars) After experiencing the cellars in November, and partaking in a little to much wine, we wanted to drink less. This did not happen. There were 7 of us so we decided 7 rounds was a nice round number. After experiencing bad wine, sweet wine,

bargaining for a litre of wine,

drinking in the park,

conversing with the Croatians/Slovakians/Hungarians (who claimed they were a water polo team) rolling around on the ground outside one of the cellars, we decided it was time to go back in order to catch the last bus back to Heves. The trip back is always so much shorter, although this time seemed a little more violent. I do remember at some point falling, but at which point exactly, I don't know.

It looks so much better in this picture than in reality!

Earlier in the morning I wanted to get this shirt but we ran out of time so I went back with Jamie to get it while intoxicated. All was well. it is my favorite shirt and works for CETP Bingo!

The bus ride back was entertaining and the pizza was even better! Most didn't last long, and did not wake back up at 10 (I really tried to wake you Briggi) to go out to Unikum. A small water and bread party and we all went back to sleep. only to have the others wake up a few hours later. The night seemed very long, but when everyone goes to sleep at 9pm and you don't really get any sleep, morning comes way too fast.

Once again it was soon time to wish everyone a good week as we all parted ways.

Eger is a beautiful place. It is just down right gorgeous when you are with an amazing group of people!

I will return!

(Pictures to come when I get them from the rest!)

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