Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fairies Rule (Farsang, my new favourite holiday!)

I have been looking forward to this day for so long. That sounds kind of sad, but really, what is better then dressing up and eating donuts. My school does think I have gone off the deep end, but who really cares when I started a fashion trend with the girls!

The day started off as per the norm, well I guess you could call it normal, the kids were acting like they were once again high on sugar. The festivities did not really start until 2 when the costume competition started. We started getting ready just after our return from lunch. The mothers all came in to help and see their children perform.

The costume contest was interesting, the kids had the option of performing in a group or by themselves, our class was a group. We sat through two and a hours of kids doing random things, some I understood, some I didn't. When I asked Ili what was happening she said she had no idea either so I was not the only really confused one.

Ili got up and did a performance with the kids, her students from 7a were paying very close attention though because they touched their nose when they were supposed to clap!

After this ended, we return to the class in order to get our kids fed, more food, and send them either to the rest of the party or home. I was asked by Cseni to do facepainting for some of the kids who won it as a prize, so I sat with Viki, Eniko and Kata doing kids faces. Almost all of the girls wanted the same make up that I had on, but after explaining to them I didn't use the same things, I did my best. This was soon followed by dancing around the dark hallway to disco music, they even played some Nirvana!

All in all it was a great time. Sanyi wanted to give me some Palinka as a prize but I said I would accept the chocolate bar instead. I still find it funny the looks I got when I walked through the hallway in my full costume! People were confused by me actually dressing up but I got many compliments from Pauly, Csaba, Istvan and Janos!

I have to say, it is no replacement for Halloween, but it was amazing. I really wish schools back home did more things like this!

Here are some photos, I will try to make the videos work!

Ili and the kids!

Some kids after introducing their costumes
(Sandi, Karolina, Zsolt, Chrisztopher, Erik, Andor, Mark, one of the twins)

Sanyi and Eric, the gypsy man

Fanni as a bee

Dezi and Zsofi dressed as flowers.

A fairies work is never done, until the wand is put down

Kata, the head bee, and me

Me not wanting to remove my makeup...

My kids doing their skit


JonClark said...

Wow! Just wow! Good work Tara, I'm very impressed. After reading all of those blogs I now see that you and the school took Farsang very seriously. Bee well.

Margie said...

Awesome, just awesome. It all turned out great, and you definately won the competition for the best costume! Loved the way your hair and make-up turned out too.

Tara said...

Thanks! It was an awesome time. I am so happy that I was here for it, and can't wait for it next year!