Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blue Houses

This weekend was one of the big pilgrimages here in Mariapocs. Luckily, I felt much better today than I did yesterday and Friday so I actually could enjoy some of the things there are to do out there. I first went out at 9:30 and there were probably about 7-8000 people already waiting for the main service. I lasted about 30 minutes into the service before the heat really started to get to me, so I walked around a bit. I came back to the service just after 11, and I would guess that there must have been over 10,000 people watching the mass, not to mention the people who were waiting in line to see the picture and those who were down the side road doing some shopping. All of Pope's field was covered in cars, buses and amusement park rides. (That field held over a million in 1991, when Pope John Paul II came to visit the town.)

I did not really buy much, though I was really tempted by the langos, kurtos kalacs and the fagylalt. I headed back towards the church and was caught right in the middle when everything was ending. It may not have been as busy as it was in Csikszereda, but it was quite the journey to walk back. What would usually only take about 2 minutes took nearly 25. I really should have timed it better.

It has been quite a day so far, and now things are going to start wrapping up, although everything wont be fully gone until late tonight.

In reference to the title of this post, I learned today that houses that are painted blue mean that there is a girl for sale. I am pretty sure they mean to get married, but I can`t be positive. Mariapocs has 2 blue houses now, I should keep an eye out for when they are no longer blue!

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MH said...

Well, the same word sometimes has multiple meanings…

The 2 different concepts com from the same old Hungarian word: “to give away”. In the modern language, the word is predominantly interpreted as: “to sell away”. In the more traditionalist areas (rural), the old concept remains in use, in the medieval form:
“girl-to-be-entrosted-away” (to another family); or the simplified version:
“girl-to-be-given” (unmarried girl).

The “girl for sale” is a modern misinterpretation (the correct form is something like “girl-to-be-given”). The Hungarians always used the opposite system of marriage: the dowry system,not the girl selling.

In fact, the Hungarian language is genderless, because the need to differentiate (discriminate) male and female never existed! Man and Woman are the same in the traditional Hungarian family. The word for “wife” in Hungarian literally means “Your half” – feleség (wife) - from the noun fél (half).

Many times it’s very hard to translate in English old and complex compound words from Hungarian! Some words are shortened, modified and combined to create new words; and the Hungarian is a very descriptive, imagistic language (similar to the Native American languages). The word Házasodni (to get married) is formed from Ház (house) to form something like “to get housed” (to settle down in a house of your own).

I hope you get well soon!