Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yes, I am a teacher AND a real person.

I am sure this will sound kind of ranty, but I really got the feeling of being watched and talked about today.

I went into Nyirbator to do some shopping and as I was taking the bus back home, there were so many kids just looking at me. I recognized many of them from being at my school last year, and they now go to the high school in Nyirbator. It was very interesting to note that there were many different groups with one Pocsi kid in it. All of a sudden, they would notice me, look at their friends, look back and then, I am guessing, tell their friends who I was. At this time I would have 3 or 4 kids just staring at me. It doesn't bother me, but I guess I really am noticing it this year, because the 8th year has graduated and moved on.

I guess for them to see me, as a teacher, doing something like go grocery shopping, it odd. I am a person too! I have to go to the store. I have to ride the bus. I have to walk on the sidewalk. It is just life.

I remember when one of my friends and I went trick or treating in my neighbourhood and we went up to one house. One of our teachers answered the door. I thought it was weird then, but she had to live somewhere.

Anyway, the more they see me on the bus the more they will get used to me being there. I hope.

My week so far has been beyond tiring. I worked monday and tuesday 8-4:30, every class, half of today and will be at school from 8-4:30 tomorrow. Ili and I were also asked to do extra classes because 2 teachers are already on the sick list. It is very frustrating right now. I just hope things revert to some form of normalcy in the near future. Or, I will go crazy

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