Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mariapocs pilgrimaging. Part two.

Last year, my second weekend here, there was a major pilgrimage in my town. This year was a little different.

The painting left town in mid February so that repairs could be done to the church. It came back today. People hiked all the way with the icon, from Hajdudorog, over 40 kms away. Our school was responsible for the dinner after the ceremony so the teachers were preparing the meal starting at 6. At 7:30, along with some kids, we made the trek over to Pocspetri, our neighbouring town. We were followed by at least a few thousand people. The road all the way was lined with small red candles, maybe not the best choice because they were constantly kicked over, but still pretty.
You can see them here.

Arriving in Pocspetri, we now had Mariapocs, Pocspetri and people from all the surrounding towns with us. We waitied about 40 minutes and then in the distance you could see the lights of people coming towards us.
The bright blue light in the middle area are the leading motorcycles...

The painting was accompanied by three motorcycles, three police cars, 6 people on horseback, a group of boys dressed as soldiers and countless bishops and pilgrims. It was said that there were about 6000 people who were making the whole trek, which does not count the people who joined along the way. I must say there was at least 10,000 people on the walk back to Mariapocs tonight.
Here's the Black weeping Mary, almost in the centre.

Getting back to the school after the walk back, we were all cold. Pisti though some Palinka would be good. I needed to follow this up with something non-alcoholic, so I tried opening a bottle of cola with a knife. I was not very successful. Laci, seeing me struggling decided it was an appropriate time to teach me how to open a bottle using another bottle. I didn't fully come off, but with practice, I should be able to do it. I love my teachers.

All the women were trying to give me more food, even though they had all watched me eat about 5 minutes earlier. When the guests came in to eat, the mayoress starting pushing more food on me, I also got another shot of palinka. Sanyi told me I needed to eat because I was still too skinny. Even though I was supposed to be working people were treating me like I was a guest because they didn't know what jobs they should give me. It was nice, but I think it would have been better if I helped them a little bit more.

Anyway, my random thought of the day is that now I have been to three pilgrimages in one year, are all my sins erased, or just the one in Hungary....

Happy pilgrimaging (if that is a word, even if it isn't!)

((Enjoy the pics, you owe me ones of a certain chicken now!))


Anonymous said...

Forget about the chicken, ask for the ones from yesterday :-)

Tara said...

Ok...I am interested in what happened. I feel left out too! I had better be getting those pictures, and ones of the chicken very soon. Or, there will be consequences...
yes, all the way from Hungary!