Monday, September 21, 2009

Ujszasz in the new year

Last year, I spent a lot of time throughout the year in Ujszasz. This past weekend I got to revisit the town for the celebration of it being a town. When I arrived I was interested in seeing how it was different then when I was in the flat 3 months ago with a totally different group of people.

I also went into Szolnok to visit Emily for a few hours. It was good to just sit and talk and not really have a care in the world, at least while we were at Fregatt.

The weekend was a good break among the ones I have spent at home. I got to hear a Quintet play the Muppets theme song, something I did not think would ever happen. I watched a play for kids, understood quite a bit of it and questioned why so much of it was about good and bad wine. I learned a little about shuttlecock and played it. No, it is not badminton. I got to meet a bunch of new teachers and share a little of my own experiences with Hungary.

I must admit, this is the weekend where it really hit me that this is really a new year. Things will be different, and I hope just as good!

Wow, I just noticed I have already spent more than 1000 minutes on the train.

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