Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long Days

This week I will be working everyday, every class. It has already taken its toll on me. I ran around with the first graders, 4 different times today (about 2.5 hours worth) When I am with them for 9 hours straight, what else can I do for breaks. They need to get out and move.

I still have 2 more days to go this week. By the end, I will be beyond exhausted, but, I will really need to get out of town.

Hopefully, next week I will have a little more energy and I will be able to write some interesting events, but now I need to rest. I can already feel the sickness drawing me back in.

1 comment:

MH said...

Take It Easy...
And get well.
Writing is not essential.
Resting is!
Your readers will understand.