Monday, March 23, 2009

Calm days

Sunday was a relaxing day.

I am really glad I have my bike because I can go places without having to ask people for rides, and the weather is getting much better which helps. I went to visit Andi in Nyirgyulaj to walk in the woods. I ate before I left on the 8km ride and as soon as I got to the house she offered me food. Even though I told them I already ate, I was offered a full lunch. Two servings of meat soup. Prok stuffed with sausage, potato wedges on the side. Stuffed cabbage. Cakes they made the day before. Delicious, but so much food.

We did eventually go for the walk. It was really nice out so we were out about two hours. I got to see the fields where Andi played as a child. She said that everyone in the village used to have a plot where they could grow what they wanted, but no ones does it anymore, except old men who grow grapes. It is sad for me to think about. Even Andi said that as a kid she knew almost everyone in the village and the would spend a lot of time together, now, she doesn't know many, and Nyirgyulaj is only about 2000 people.

We got back to her house and I had a little time before I had to start biking home. They tried to feed me another full lunch but I was still very full from the earlier one. I was given two of the sausages that had been made at the pig killing to take home. Zsolt, Andi's brother-in-law thought it was important that I have something to drink before going home. Instead of water, I got Jagermeister. Yum!

It was quite a nice day, I had lots of fun!

Today, my future changed. All of my girls are obsessed with High School Musical. They think Troy is just dreamy. Dezi told me that I was going to marry him. I said he was too young. She told me, he graduated and will be the new Tanar Bácsi at our school. Hmmm, invasion by HSM. I think I would have to flee.

I love the Hungarian spelling. Chad became Csed.

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