Saturday, March 21, 2009

Debrecen and flowers...

Today I met up with Jamie in Debrecen. It was a beautiful day, even when I started it at 6am. I have started to get into the bad habit of getting up early.

Anyway, in Debrecen it was sunny, though a little cloudy. It was good to walk around a new town and see a little bit more of Hungary! We both got some new shoes for spring break and were asked by the owner if we would tutor his daughter. We had a good long conversation with him, but the best part was when he said that our accents were beautiful, the Israeli one was an ugly accent. I am not quite sure why he decided to tell us this, maybe in the hopes that we would help, but Debrecen is way too far for us!

Mosaic in the ground, very pretty!

Bell in the Reformatist Church

Statue in Kossuth Ter

I came back. I met with Ili to have some lunch. Very delicious meat soup, stuffed cabbage (with corn, not rice) and some walnut rolls. The walnut rolls are the next thing on my list to make!

Ili had some plants for me so we came back to my house and put them in the ground. It was still a gorgeous day out even at 4 in the afternoon. Ili's husband called my cell phone with the news that the Hungarian Prime Minister is resigning. ( I looked later and I read different stories about what is acutally happening. I am interested to see how it turns out.) I can already tell that the three boys that live next door will try to ruin my plants (shakes my fist.) Their mother came up and asked why I planted it there. There is a big area to play in the back and front of my house, so I chose the small side part. "But, this is where the boys like to play." We will see about that!

Anyway, here is the new garden. So far, at least.

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