Friday, March 20, 2009

Tenger Ész

The poster for the show

I walk into school on Friday just before lunch expecting a long Friday afternoon. The first thing that happens is that Kata tells me I will not be teaching. The next thing she tells me is that I am taking the kids to a play in Nyirbator. I am a little confused by this at first. I have not heard about this, and I am told 30 minutes before we are leaving.
We finish lunch and rush back to get everything ready. The bus leaves at 12:30. The trip between the two towns isn't very long, about 15 minutes, but some of the kids take pills so they don't get sick on the bus.

We get to Nyirbator and settle into the theatre. It is full of kids. I have no idea what we are going to see so I am expecting that anything could happen. The lights go dim and it appears to be a modern dance sort of thing. Then it changes and I try to understand everything. It took a lot of concentration but from what I understood, the basic story was:

A man, similar to Popeye the sailor get stranded on an island. This isn't an ordinary island, and luckily he still has some spinach left over from when he fell off the boat. Dancers in very vibrant colours keep dancing around. The main inhabitants of the island are vegetables and fruits. Tomato, the love interest. Vegetable, Tomato's father. Evil guy, I don't remember his name, but he had an orange mohawk so I call him carrot. He was accompanied but raisin and grape. Interesting companions I must say.

Tomato hates Popeye, they go on a date. He kisses her, she kisses him. Then they start talking about babies. I am not sure how this happens. Whether she is already preggers or not, but they start talking about how she has to get married. This is where carrot comes in. Of course he is in love with Tomato and hates Popeye, because Tomato now loves the new guy. Anyway, competition ensues and Carrot cheats. He is then at his wedding to Tomato when Popeye and Vegetable interrupt and and say that Carrot cheated and Tomato should be marrying Popeye instead. Eventually the creepy neon clothed people beat Carrot down and take him and his friends away. In the end Popeye is rubbing Tomato's belly and they get married. Vegetable becomes mayor. Not sure how that fit in, but they made a big deal and a song out of it.

Yes, that is what I sat through, struggling to understand. That is when I realized I have gone crazy, most likely because of the lights during the show.

Crazy neon coloured people. Raisin is in the puffy purple striped pants. Grape is in the black robe. He is acting as minister at the wedding.

Carrot and Vegetable

Tomato and Popeye

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