Thursday, March 19, 2009

A day in the life of a garden.

I decided to start a garden. This is a crazy thing for me to do, but I will enjoy spending time outside and the products of my hard labour (if it works out.) I mentioned this to Ili last week and we went to inspect my yard to see where the best place would be.

Odd events that happened this week relating to my garden.

Tuesday, Kata tells me that I will borrow her shovel and rake. Not can, but WILL. I said ok. I would get it Thursday after school.

Wednesday, Zsofia asks me what I should plant in the garden. On the way to lunch, I am thinking vegetables, not flowers so I list off a bunch of vegetables that I know the names of. I said maybe a flower, I am not sure.

Today, I go into class and see a flower sitting on the desk at the back. It is gorgeous. The kids are just finishing math and Cseni is there. Zsofia comes running up to me to tell me that the flower is mine. For my garden.
She comes up five minutes later with a bag of something. She takes it out and it is a bunch of seed packs. She goes through listing them all.

Now I have to build a garden big enough for sweet peas (velőborsó), herbs (metélőpetrezselyem), three types of radish(karalábé, retek mikepércsi vaj és retek ropogós nyári), squash (patisszon), red cabbage (vöröskáposzta), lettuce (fejessaláta), two types of peppers (paprika alma és paprika édesalma) and my

I spent two hours working on it today. It resembled a grave, but now it looks more like a garden!

My flower

My garden

Mr. Squiggly, my co-worker

Mr. Squiggly and I looking at the hole we just dug.

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