Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The case of the missing key

This is quite a funny story. Or sad, because Istvan has to keep replacing the entire lock.

Early in January, the key for our classroom door disappeared one day. No one knew exactly where it was. It was thought that Kata, Ili or I had taken the key home with us, but after checking with us, it was determined that the key had just went away. The kids swore they never took it. It was just gone.

When Ili was looking through one of the cupboards last week, she found it in the back. No one knew how or when it moved there, it just was.

Today when we went in to take the kids to lunch, the key was not on the desk where it usually is, so I assumed that Ili had taken it. When asked by the cleaning ladies, neither of us had the key. The second key had disappeared. Kata opened the door this morning, and spent the entire morning with the kids. The key however, may or may not have been there the entire time. Who really knows.

Maybe my classroom is haunted by a key-loving ghost, who, when sick of the keys decides it is funny to return them.

I hope that is the case. It would make class time a lot more fun!

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