Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Creepy...and Fields of Ice cream

The weekend was amazing. Hitting up the massage place and the baths made a great combination! Bathing here is very specific. Tepid pool, 30 minutes, dry sauna, 10 minutes, ice cold water, 1 minute, very warm water, 30 minutes. Repeat as necessary. I do not think I will ever understand the whole hot sauna to the freezing water, but it is the experience that counts.

I got to see another side of Szolnok, and it was relaxing.

Then there was yet a third side to Szolnok I got to see.

The setting: Szolnok Train station, the fog has set in, very dark, lights are out.

Two girls arrive at the platform 40 minutes early, a train is sitting there. It is not the warmest weather outside, so they decide to enter. The lights are out and there is no one else around...

Suddenly, there is a lurch, the train has just moved slightly. Run to get off, confirm that it is the right train, and re-enter. Wait another 30 minutes. The lights switch on, but there is still the "scary movie" setting...

On to happier thought....well not really.

Where has all the ice cream gone? As of October 1st, all the ice cream stand and booths closed. Good luck finding ice cream. After being told several times that ice cream is not in season, we determined the following:

Russia has cut off the ice cream supply because the crops failed this year and so it was in high demand. You need a good connection to the black market to access good ice cream, and that is only if you are willing to pay the high price.

I can actually picture the colourful fields of ice cream, growing. Multicoloured flowers depending on the flavour. People walking down the rows harvesting the ice cream with their little ice cream scoops and putting them into the cooler bags, to ensure it makes it to the packing area.

Then, I had an epiphany. My dream job would be as ice cream harvester.

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