Sunday, March 15, 2009


Kosice. Kassa. Same place, different names. Beautiful.
The setting is wonderful, the buildings that are put next to each other. You have a Communist memorial and a greek Catholic church. The buildings is the main Corso are in Neo-classical style. The colours are the pastels I have come to love.I just wish more things were open, although we were able to do many things!

You can even see the burial place of Ferenc Rakozi, see a book written by Martin Luther and be creeped out by stuffed animals. It is quite the experience!

I was told not to speak Hungarian because the Slovakians are not very fond of them. Checking into the hostel it was easier to converse in Hungarian so that is what ended up happening. He was such an adorable man, taking almost 15 minutes to write everything down in such a precise manner.
Hungarian came to the rescue once again. While on a tour of the crypt int St. Elizabeth's, the women tried to speak in English, but soon asked if we spoke French. Jamie and I both said yes, so soon we listening to French and then translating again for Margie. Near the end, I said Igen instead of Oui so she asked if we spoke Hungarian. After that, the conversation changed once again. I found it much easier to think in Hungarian than French. Who would have thought that would ever happen?

Anyway, back to the pictures!

I love this door.

I also really liked this handle. It was on the door to St. Elizabeth's Cathedral.

The trip felt like it was more of a culinary experience, even though it wasn't Slovakian food exactly.
Lunch, perogies, three kinds. FINOM!

Dinner. Broccoli pasta. REAL broccoli!

Even ice cream exists! You can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

In the biggest Cukraszda that I have ever seen! two stories and the place to be on a Saturday afternoon!

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