Sunday, March 8, 2009

How to go to the ball...part három

Hevesi Ball. Very different but just as awesome!

Briggi, being too trusting, ate a csipos (spicy) pepper

Palinka to start off dinner. The other option was Sherry

Lyla, Lauren and Jamie watching the performances. I was dancing and singing along.

Full shot of the palinka. I like the little cup, handle and all!

We all got flowers, well, Jeb didn't, for Women's Day.

Serious discussion at the ball

Ready to go. After 50 minutes of drawing raffle tickets.

Fancy drinks!

The prize table. I didn't win anything, again.

Jamie and me. All dressed up!

Don't know how else to describe this ball. That is why I posted pictures.

Why I love riding the bus at 7 am. Where it looks like there is no road, there is no road. It is not a trick. Just as soon as you about to fall asleep, the bus hits a pothole and BAM, you are awake!

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